Unattended underground car park, for cars only (no LPG; maximum height permitted 2 m.) equipped with video surveillance system in via A. Costa N. 15 in Mestre-Venezia (total capacity: n. 302 parking spaces of which 8 reserved for the disabled).
 In each of the 4 parking areas and outside the car park there are displays showing the number of spaces available in real-time.
The car park is open 24/7, and can be accessed both by occasional transit customers and by subscribers at the following rates:




€ 2,00 per hour: for parking up to 6 hours (not fractionable)

€ 12,00 : for parking over 6 hours and up to 24 hours from entrance (not fractionable)




Monthly ordinary (7/7) every day/reserved space

€ 140

Monthly worker 1 (6/7) * from Monday to Saturday

€ 115

Monthly worker 2 (5/7) * from Monday to Friday

€ 95


* Beyond the weekly limit allowed parking is subject to the ordinary occasional transit rates

The allocation of available parking spaces in subscription will be made taking into account only the chronological order of arrival of applications (in compliance with the maximum quota established of n. 131 parking spaces in subscription).

The subscription request must be forwarded in writing (possibly using the appropriate form downloadable from the “downloadable documentation” of this page) to: AVM S.p.A. – Direzione Mobilità Privata  Isola Nova del Tronchetto, 33 - 30135 Venezia (fax +39 041-2722098; email:
To gain access to the car park the subscriber must request the activation of the Imob VeneziaUnica card. Those who do not have it will be able to buy one directly at the AVM office in P. Le Candiani 34 at the time of subscribing the membership contract for the concession of a parking place.
The subscriptions will be associated to the card (and not to a specific car) allowing the subscriber to park different cars (but always no more than one at a time)
Only ordinary subscription holders will have a reserved parking place while the holders of worker 1 (6/7) and worker 2 (5/7) subscriptions will be instructed where to park by the management of the car park.
Agreements for the purchase of “parking coupons”: possibility for businesses to enter an agreement for the purchase of parking coupons to give to their customers entitling them to a free hour stay in any  Candiani/Costa car parks.
The request must be forwarded here