AVM Venezia Official APP How to use

AVM Venezia Official APP - How to use

AVM Venezia Official APP enables purchase and validation of local  ACTV public transport tickets, payments for the parking in the Municipality of Venice “Parcheggia Venezia” (blue stripes), consultation of news related to ACTV services and the verification and planning of timetables and routes with the “Calculate route” and “Search timetables at Stops”.

Other features will be included in future versions.


  • New section PARKING  to pay parking in the Municipality of Venice “Blu stripes”
  • New function “Calculate route” (trip planner)
  • New function “Top up credit” (e-Purse)
  • New graphics

The APP  is available for iOS and Android operating systems, and installation is recommended only on smartphones (excluding tablets, even 6 inch ones). Device has to be not longer than 14 cm and not wider than 9 cm. The brightness of the screen of your smartphone needs to be set to its maximum intensity to facilitate reading the QR code on the reader.

Download the app on Google Play

Download the app on Apple Store


During your first access, you will be asked to create a user's account which will be kept open for further accesses, unless you  do not log-out by using the appropriate function located at the top right. You will receive a confirmation by email and a sms containing a pin to enter to complete the registration. If during registration you have not received the activation code via SMS, within a few minutes it will be sent to the email address entered (check in all the folders of your email client).
Otherwise, report it  by clicking HERE


It is possible to top up your credit through the "Electronic Purse" function present in the App for the purchase of all types of travel tickets or paid parking services. To access the charging section, from the Home Page, click the profile icon at the top right of the screen and then on "recharge" by choosing the desired amount and the desired charging method. By selecting the payment method, credit card, you will be redirected to the credit card management section to complete the top-up process.
It’s now possible to top up your credit directly from a tobacconist of the PuntoLIS network (http://serviziweb.tabaccai.it/AVMRicaricaBorsellino/home.aspx) making the recharge operation even more immediate and easy to use. 
Discover the PUNTOLIS tobacconist closest to you by clicking HERE. It will be sufficient to choose the amount of the recharge, select "PUNTO LIS" as the payment method and show the code to the retailer, finally paying the due via POS or cash directly to the merchant (it is recommended before checking the accuracy of the information reported in the receipt or in the email received.
ATTENTION: make sure that the browser of your device has cookies enabled, otherwise the operation will not be successful.


Section enabling purchase and validation of Actv public transport tickets and providing information about transport travel solution.


To register your Venezia Unica card, you have to select from the main menu “Buy Tickets Actv”, then  “Tickets for Venezia Unica card holder”. Enter identification data required and confirm it to complete the registration.


From the main menu select “Buy Actv Tickets”, hence there is the list of purchasable ordinary tickets and two other options:

  • “Tickets for Venezia Unica card holder” to proceed with the purchase of season tickets or tickets reserved to Venezia Unica card holders.
  • “Buy a ticket from the travel solution” to proceed with the purchase of extra zone tickets.

Select the ticket you need to purchase and the amount of it.

Payment is by credit card, to process it you will be redirect to “mycicero.it” website. Registration of credit card is possible by ‘Register credit card’ option in the main menu.

At the end of this procedure ticket is available on your own smartphone but not activated to be used.

It is possible to use the credit of the e-Purse by deducting the money or to register the credit card available in the “Register card” in the Home to speed up the payment.

It is not possible to transfer tickets to other mobile devices. They can be only used in conjunction with the device from which the transaction was done. It is not possible to transfer tickets to Venezia Unica card, if registered. In case of need to transfer tickets purchased through the app to your own Venezia Unica card, please contact our customer assistance by clicking HERE . In case of tickets transfer to the card, the whole content will be transferred to the card.


Once payment is done, the tickets will be loaded into the “My tickets” section. In the “To be activated” area are all tickets purchased but not used. By choosing the ticket you want, it is then possible to proceed with its validation.  When validation is completed, the ticket is then moved to the “Active”. A QR code is generated by the APP when the purchased ticket  is activated and  visualized on  your smartphone screen. Barcode readers with special slots have been installed for this purpose at all turnstiles. You must insert your smartphone.  Please set up the bightness of the screen to the maximum. The QR code is visualized, the ticket is validated, the turnstile opens and  then you extract your smartphone from the slot. 


Actv season tickets are automatically activated depending of the date of purchase: If purchased until the 19th it is valid for the current month. If purchased from the 20th it is valid for the new month and it CANNOT be used until the first day of the new month and it will expire on the last day. To open turnstiles you just insert your smartphone into the slot with the screen showing the activated ticket.


“Buy Tickets Actv”

You need only request the desired ticket, select the number of trips, (if required by the type of ticket) and choose the method of payment (an already registered credit card or a credit card that will not registered for ulterior purchases; see next point)

“Register credit card”

You can purchase tickets through the APP  by using a credit card, belonging to the Mastercard and VISA circuits, or even  rechargeable ones.  You need only register your credit card once and it is activated for further purchases 

or; use it in a “one-shot” function – in this case, the information  contained on the credit card will never be recorded.

“My tickets”

Once payment is done, the tickets will be loaded into the “My tickets” section.

There are three areas within this section:

–        Active

–        To be activated

–        Expired

Tickets that have just been purchased, will be inserted  in the “To validate” area.  By choosing the ticket you want, it is then possible to proceed with its validation.  When validation is completed, the ticket is then moved to the “Active” area. 

N.B.  “Bus” tickets have a 3 minute delay in the validation process. Therefore, even if they can be found in the “Active/Current” area, they may not be used  for the next three minutes.

When the validity period of a ticket is expired it will be moved to the “Expired” area.

 “List of transactions”

In this section, it is possible  to check according to date, the last 30 transactions done, in this APP.


In this section, it is possible to check news regarding ACTV transport.

“Calculate route”

Plan a trip with this itinerary planner and check how much will it cost for your journey.

 “Search schedule and routes’

This function allows to locate the closest stop with schedule and lines, both in the mainland and in lagoon, as well as consulting timetables and routes about bus and waterbus service.


Section enabling to pay parking in the Municipality of Venice “Parcheggia Venezia” (Blue stripes).


Park the car in the “Blue stripes” and select “PARKING INFO & TICKET” on the Home of AVM Venezia Official App. Use GPS function or “LIST” or “MAP” to localize your car. Enter the parking time required and the related plate. The App will calculate the amount to be paid. Select “I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” and confirm the beginning of the parking to proceed with the payment with the e-Purse or credit card.

You may need to extend a parking session or stop in advance paying only the actual time per parking session.

We recommend you to enter the right Street/Square of the parking.


Inside the "profile" section click on the link at the bottom of the page.


To request the deletion of your account and your personal data, click on "Cancel personal data/account cancellation" (action possible if your e-Purse has no residual credit and if no transport ticket is still valid)